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Mini Canvas Print 8x8"

Mini canvas prints are perfect for those small spaces that need a personal touch.

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Details - Mini Canvas Print 8x8" - $49.00

This mini canvas print measures 8 x 8” and is perfect for those small spaces that need a personal touch. They are just the right size for any dresser or desktop and work great in sets 4, 6, 8, 9, 12 and 16 for those unique wall projects!  Each mini canvas is printed on high quality artist stock, using eco-solvent inks, and is then stretched/wrapped around a 1 1/8" quality wooden frame. All our timber is sourced from sustainable forestry and each canvas comes with sawtooth hooks for instant hanging.


Prior to uploading an image, always inspect your image first by zooming in and ensuring the image quality holds and does not become pixelated or blurry too quickly for the best canvas print results. You will also want to check for motion blur, red eye and other imperfections in the image that will become more apparent the larger you print your image.


Resolution warnings will display during the edit process when the image file uploaded is too small for the size of canvas selected. For the mini canvas sizes you will want your image files size to be a minimum of 250 kb – 1000 kb depending on the canvas size selected. For our larger canvas sizes please ensure the image file sizes are between 1 – 10 MB (1000 – 10,000 kb) to prevent resolution warnings from occurring during the build process. The smaller the canvas the smaller the image file can be.

NOTE: Images that receive a resolution warning and are submitted for print regardless may result in the final product appearing soft, blurry or pixelated.


Placement Warnings are received when the selected image is not covering the entire print area of the canvas. When an image is first uploaded the Image Gallery Wrap is the default setting and you will need to ensure your image is covering the wrap areas of the canvas (sides, top and bottom). If you find that subjects in your image area falling into the wrap areas due to not enough background available surrounding the subject(s) you can select a solid color wrap from the tools found in the left hand panel of the edit screen. Once the solid color wrap option has been selected you will want first select a color for the wrap area and them you will want to zoom your image accordingly to ensure the image is place on the canvas face correctly and is displaying the subjects in their entirety.

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